Roaring Twenties Bingo

Fast-step back into an era of laughter, dancing and great bingo games.

‘Roaring Twenties Bingo’ is an advanced bingo game at Intertops Casino that allows you to bet on up to 100 cards per draw.

A ‘Wild Ball’ will hit the middle spot on each card in play if it is drawn, giving you even better odds of hitting those winning patterns.

And an optional ‘Extra Balls’ feature allows you to draw 5 extra balls, increasing your chance to really win big!

Completing a full card will award you the Maxi Progressive Jackpot, while the Major and Minor Progressive Jackpots are won at random.

With great prizes, jackpots, variable draw speeds and the ability to play multiple cards and draws, this is a bingo game that everybody can enjoy.

Get your dancin’ shoes on and give Roaring Twenties Bingo a try!