Happy Easter

They say Easter and the start of the spring season is a time for new beginnings; we say it’s a time for new winnings!

Jump right into the hopping holiday and take advantage of your competitive nature, show your opponent players who’s boss!

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Those Easter Traditions (that Challenge!)

The only thing better than spring, is spring break. No, we’re not talking about college debauchery in Cancun - We’re talking about the good ol’ holidays. Allow us to explain. You see, the real difference between kids and adults is, that kids will tell you summer is the best season, because they’ve never lived a life without vacation.

Adults will tell you spring is the best season, as we know those well-deserved days off work are coming up, just around the corner, as that Easter bunny trails behind, ready to leave plenty of hidden treats. As a grown up, you may be over the days of seeking out small chocolate eggs, or those Egg Roll Races, but let’s reminisce …

As children, we used holidays and the first days of sunshine to get away from school for a while and play outside. It’s there, on the football fields, the basketball courts and the baseball pitches, where we first discover our competitive spirit. During Easter, there are even more opportunities than usual to play with friends and family, to see who has that do-or-die winning attitude (not literally, we hope!).

Instead of participating in traditional sports, our childhoods consisted of competing with our friends, brothers and sisters, scouring houses and gardens for treats during the classic Easter Egg Treasure Hunts; whoever found the most were certainly envied. Don’t you remember jumping for joy with another classic, the Bunny Hop Sack Races? And let’s not forget about the ever-classic Egg Roll Races; originating 1835 in England, this race with the hard-boiled egg is now enjoyed all across the USA, maintaining that Easter tradition appeal.

There’s nothing wrong with a little healthy competition! In fact, competitive people make the world go round. As time moves forward, unfortunately, some of us may find it harder to make it out onto the courts and the fields, but the spirit of sportsmanship and winning always remains strong. Luckily, these days, playing online at Intertops Casino allows you to feel the same kind of rush that your childhood self felt winning that race, finding the most Easter eggs or simply, being the fastest of them all. So, hit the slots this spring season and challenge yourself (or the other players!) with your online gaming skills!

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