Intertops 20 Years Anniversary

We are known by the slogan “Trust the first” for good reason; we’ve been here since day one, with the very first online sports bet being accepted at Intertops in 1996 and the first bet in our Casino was placed on 6th March 1998.

The many accomplishments and record breakers speak for themselves (without sounding too brass, naturally). We have a long history of helping avid igaming enthusiasts reach their dreams every day, with a track record dating back to 1983, when we were established in London, England. Ever since our days of inauguration, now in the year 2018, we’ve continued to grow, flourish and adapt to the market, creating an optimal experience for the Intertops community. After all, with this amount of time, literally, “in the game” we consider you, our players, family. We’re now officially publishing a blog for Intertops Casino, just in time for the casino’s 20th anniversary on March 6th!

Your Most Trusted Brand Online Today

With 20 years in the business, it’s difficult not to believe in an entity that has continued to prove results for so many, for so long; the history always speaks for itself. Our primary focus of this blog section is to inform and educate you, our player, of the brand you spend your well-deserved free time with. Perhaps, it’s most appropriate that we tell a short story of where we started, which, naturally, has led to where we are now.

20 years Intertops Casino

Officially launched to cater for the offline market in 1983, Intertops accepted the world’s first official online sports bet in 1996 and just two years later introduced its online casino brand. When the casino was launched, Intertops provided games from the well-known Microgaming software, which eventually, in 2009, was switched to our current Real Time Gaming (enjoy over 200 games from Wager Gaming Technology at Intertops Casino Classic, as well!). Continuing the all-around success, the Intertops brand further expanded and brought aboard the Intertops Poker Room in 2003. It’s certainly been a wild ride since then, and with the month of March marking our 20th Anniversary of Intertops Casino, you can ‘bet’ we’re more than excited to keep the ball rolling, on the Roulette wheel, or off!

Let’s take a moment to let that sink in; 20 years! We can hardly believe it, ourselves - Oh, how times flies! If you’re a dedicated and avid player in the igaming industry, whether it be for 20 years or not, you’re aware of how the industry can be overrun with various new brands and gaming websites; many of them make an appearance only to vanish soon after. Not us. We’re here for the long haul, and if you literally place your bets with us, you can ensure, you’re in good hands!

With this glorious month of March, bringing the warm weather, we can’t think of a better time to celebrate our 20th Anniversary of Intertops Casino. We’re more than pleased to have you along for the ride, and can’t wait to celebrate another 20 years with you! Feel free to join in on the fun today; go ahead and sign up to collect your Welcome bonus (if you haven’t already), then see what we have to offer - Brace yourself, you’re in for a wild ride!