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How Can Playing Video Poker be Very Lucrative?

Video Poker is Fast Gaining in Popularity.  Here’s Why.

Every online casino gamer has a favorite game.  This is the game they come back to after sampling some of our other games.   We at Intertops Casino always encourage players to play all of our games because each game category has so much entertainment value.   

Our biggest game category is slots, of course.  Many of our most loyal gamers play slots almost exclusively.   Even though slots are games of chance and video poker is to a very large degree a game of skill, we still encourage even our most dedicated slots players to take advantage of the Intertops Casino promotions for free cash and use it to try out video poker. 

In short, every game we offer is fun to play.  In this article, we will explain why we so strongly recommend that players try out video poker.  We're sure you'll be back to play them often.

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Play Intertops for Slots Galore

What Kind of Slots Player are You?

At Intertops Casino, we offer over 200 different slots as well as over 100 other games.  With so many slots and so many different slots categories we might expect that we would find a lot of different slots players spinning our reels.

And it’s true!

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How Does Online Gaming Help Us Stay Positive?

Why Staying Positive is the Most Important Aspect of Online Casino Gaming

Everyone who plays the more than 300 games at Intertops Casino knows that we always emphasize the fun side of gaming. 

Some people come to our online casino to play slots, the purest game of chance we offer.  Others play blackjack, poker, or video poker which are a lot more challenging.  Whichever game you enjoy playing the most, we always want you to find the fun side of the games even when luck has not been on your side.

In this article, we’ll talk about staying positive, and why it’s so important.

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Top 11 Things to Look for in an Online Casino

What to Look for in an Online Casino?

There are so many online casinos these days, unlike way back in 1996 when Intertops Casino started out, that many gamers wonder how they can define the characteristics of a good or great online casino.

Here are just a few—actually quite a few—characteristics of good online casinos.  We found that the elements that make good online casinos can be generally divided into two categories: the games and everything involved in them and the trustworthiness of the casino.

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Intertops Casino is Looking for Unique and Special Gamers

Welcome to Intertops Casino!

At Intertops Casino, we have a very clear idea of the type pf gamers we want to attract to the casino.   We offer a wide assortment of online casino games that we feel will satisfy the gaming desires of every player.  Here are the key elements we hope to find in every gamer who joins the Intertops Casino family.

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What are the Biggest Misconceptions People Have about Online Casinos?

Online Casinos are Like a Big Tree: They Catch a Lot of Wind

Online casinos have proliferated greatly in the last twenty-five years.  One of the fallouts from such fast growth is that there are a lot of misconceptions about casinos online, generally that may be true about some.

None of these misconceptions refer in any way to Intertops Casino and this article intends to show exactly that.

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7 Strategies for Great Online Gaming

How to Build a Successful Gaming Strategy for Yourself

We see the term “strategy” bandied about so often that it has begun to lose some of its meaning.  Part of the reason is because the internet is full of articles that ballyhoo perfect strategies for slots and most other online games, betting systems “that work” or many other misuses of the term strategy.

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How Do Online Casinos Adapt to their Unique Format?

Intertops Casino is Adept at Adapting to New Conditions

Twenty-five years ago, there was not one online casino.   It was at that time that Intertops Casino came online.  The biggest question Intertops and all the online casinos that followed had to answer was how to adapt land based casino games to the online casino game format.

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How Do Promotions Differ from Land Based to Online Casinos?

Intertops Casino Runs Many Phenomenal Promotions

One of the things that all new gamers at Intertops Casino notice is that we offer many promotions, very frequently.  Many of these same players have quite a bit of experience at land based casinos and they say that the most common promotion at land based casinos is free alcohol!

This is not the case, by the way, but it often seems like it is.

Let’s talk about the Intertops Casino promotions and how promotions at an online casino differ from promotions at land based casinos.

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What Do New Gamers at Intertops Casino Discover?

The Welcome Package at Intertops Casino Says Welcome in Grand Style

At probably every online casino, the first thing you see is an offer to new players.  Casinos have different names for these offers so here at Intertops Casino we will use the generic term “Welcome Package” to refer to them as a class.  What is a Welcome Package?  Should new players accept the offer made in the Welcome Package? 

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