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Take advantage of our special Welcome Package for new customers at Intertops Casino. Grab more than $5,000 in bonuses with an extra free bonus on top!


$120,000 Haunted House 

Dare to enter our Haunted House at Intertops Casino. Grab your share of $30,000 in prizes each week, plus a special cash prize at promotion's end.


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You are only four steps away from a great bonus and even greater excitement!


Intertops Casino is Your Ever-Young, Established Online Casino

Intertops came on board in 1996 when the internet was in its infancy. The very first online sports bet was accepted at Intertops in 1996 and Intertops Casino was launched in 1998. In those faraway days, people didn’t even talk in terms of online gaming. Until Intertops came along, there wasn’t any online gaming! Now, we are an established online casino but we have no “grey hair” despite our years. That’s because we stay forever young!

In this introductory page, we will show you just how we stay young so you too can stay young playing all of the casino games here at Intertops Casino.

How Many Ways Can We Say Hello? Well, 5555 Ways!

Every new player at Intertops Casino Red can take advantage of our awesome Welcome Package that consists of four super deposit bonuses followed by a no deposit bonus. Here are the mouth-watering details:

  • With your first deposit, you qualify for a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  • With your second deposit, you can receive a 150% bonus up to $1500.
  • Now, for your third deposit, you are in line to get a 125% bonus up to $1000.
  • For your fourth deposit, you can take away another 150% bonus this time for up to $2000.
  • Finally, after you gave gotten all $5500 in bonuses, you will get a $55 NO DEPOSIT bonus. That brings the total new player package of bonuses up to $5555!

We said that the details were mouth-watering because they give new players a happy appetite to play and try out our over 300 online games! Check out the coupon codes for our $5,555 Welcome Package on our promotions page.

Can I Play All of the Games from One Seat?

We hear this question quite often. Of course, you can play all of our games from your most comfortable seat or sofa, place on the train, or blanket at the beach! This is just one of the many benefits and advantages of playing at Intertops Red Casino! You don't come to us, we come to you!

Never Ending Promotions

At Intertops casino online, we never stop giving you the best promotions around. We covered the new player bonuses promotion. We have many other bonus promotions for established players. That means that no matter how long you’ve been a happy, loyal gamer at Intertops Casino, you can take a bonus and play with the casino’s money!

New Game Promotion

We run at least one new game every month. Our spectacular game provider, RealTime Gaming, is amazingly creative. Every month, the theme of the new game may be adventure, romance, space travel, vacation happiness and many, many more.

We run a promotion every month based on the new game. You can play the game with our money by making a deposit and taking the bonus. Sometimes, we offer as many as three bonuses in the month based on the new game. Take the bonuses, and check out the new game.

Monthly Extravaganza

We also run a featured promotion that is independent of the new game. The promotion might be for a luxury vacation, a cruise, or anything else our promotional staff of creative thinkers comes up with! Each week players can earn their share of the $30,000 in weekly prizes.

Wheel of Fortune

One of our more popular ongoing promotions is the Wheel of Fortune. All you have to do to qualify is play any of our games. We are giving away $1000 in prizes every day. Come 'n get it!

Mobile Bonus

We would like everyone to discover the state-of-the-art graphics at our mobile platform. Many thousands have already discovered this not so secret secret and have made the mobile casino our most played at platform. We offer a special bonus for mobile gamers - 20 players win up to $100 each week - all you have to do to qualify is play on your mobile device - phone or tablet.

Comp Points

This promotion has given thousands of gamers great sums of money that they can play with at Intertops Casino. Every bet you make becomes a comp point or more based on the size of the bet. When you have enough comp points to trade them in, we give you extra cash to play with!

Games of All Sorts

As one of the foremost online casinos, we offer many top games from RealTime Gaming in several game categories. The largest category of games is slots so let’s start there.

Slots That Carry You Away

Our slots are so creative, thanks to the teams at RealTime Gaming, that they can whisk you away on journeys of the imagination that you might never have thought possible. One of the great benefits of online gaming, as we said earlier, is that you can play all of our games from the comfort of your most comfortable chair or sofa, or bed, or floating mattress in the pool, or get the idea.

Many gamers play slots by going from one theme to another, travelling far back in time or far ahead; traveling into space or under the oceans; traveling on a vacation or celebrating a major holiday.

The wild symbols in our slots do amazing things all of which help you get more and bigger wins! The scatter symbols take you to the free spin bonus rounds where the wins are bigger still! Suffice it to say that our gamers find worlds of fun and entertainment in each of our slots games.

Progressive Games

Some of our slots have big progressive jackpots. These can be life-changing jackpots tipping well over the $1,000,000 mark - at this writing, Aztec's Millions is over $3,000,000! The attraction of winning a giant jackpot is naturally very enticing. We also have progressive side bets in the Caribbean poker games.

Table Games

Blackjack is the most popular table game we offer. You can play many different variations of blackjack at Intertops so be sure that you know the rules before you play! Once you start playing blackjack with the best possible strategy, you’ll find that the house has a miniscule edge. That means that in a blackjack session you’ll come out ahead quite often!

Roulette is another popular table game. Roulette is very different than blackjack as it is a game of chance while blackjack is a game of skill that also has a lot of chance involved. The biggest attraction in roulette is the wheel and the ball. The ball clackety-clacks until it slips into one of the numbered slots and the round ends.

Then the software determines if you have won! Roulette has many different types of bets. If you play for the lowest risk, you can make even money bets. You can actually make all three of the even money bets since they complement each other. In addition to the even money bets, roulette has many bets on different combinations of numbers. Try it out for fun to learn all the ins and outs.

Caribbean Poker is the third popular category of table games. Caribbean poker games have unique rules all their own. The different rules are exciting to play and you should always know the rules quite well before playing for real money.

Video Poker

This group of games has the highest return to player rate. Many gamers play video poker as their go to game. The high return to player rate means that, similar to blackjack, you can play for a long session and break even, win a little, or lose a little. In any case, you've won a lot of entertainment!

In video poker, you need to achieve a minimum hand in order to win. You win more as your hand gets stronger. If you bet the maximum, and you get a Royal Flush, you get an extra big special bonus for being lucky and a great video poker player!

We offer multi-hand video poker. Many players simply love watching the counter register their wins as they pile up in a lucky round of multi-hand video poker.

Specialty Games

Many of our gamers tell us that our two premier specialty games are the most fun games to play in the entire casino! Fish Catch is a deep sea fishing expedition game. More of an interactive video shooting game than the usually thought of casino game, you can play against other players from all over the world. This makes Fish Catch our most international game!

Banana Jones is a quest adventure game in which Banana Jones is trying to retrieve the valuable Crystal Banana and take it to its proper resting place - a museum. Of course, he has an enemy to contend with plus those snakes that impede his progress. Thankfully, he often gets a chance to shimmy up a vine thus getting closer to the Crystal Banana.

Three Magnificent Gaming Platforms

The first platform is the traditional download platform. At one time, download was the only viable gaming platform. In download, the graphics have always been great and the game play superb. These days, improvements in graphics technology have made the Instant Play and the mobile gaming platforms infinitely more popular than they were just a few years ago!

Players who play at their desktop usually play in the Instant Play platform while the majority of gaming at Intertops Casino these days is in our mobile platform. Check it out on your phone or tablet, at home or on the go.

Blog and Articles

We want every gamer to know as much as they can about the casino, the new games, our latest promotions, who has won the progressive jackpots, and how to play the games of skill. We run a Blog which brings you casino news and an Articles section that gives you playing instruction, tutorials, tips for better playing, and sometimes a little divergence into such subjects as how can online gaming help me in my career?

Banking, Safety, and Security

In order to play for real money at Intertops Casino, you'll need to transfer money to your online casino account. We offer several banking methods for deposits and withdrawals. The classic credit and debit cards are still popular but many players prefer to deposit through an ewallet which is a third party that affords some extra privacy for the player.

Some players a while back asked us to allow deposits with bitcoin. This is the latest form of currency. Bitcoin is still called a crypto-currency but it has widespread popularity among gamers from countries the world over.

In order to protect your money while it is on account here, we use the same type of software, called encryption, that all online financial institutions and all online businesses use to keep your money and your vital information safe and sound.


Intertops Casino has a strict privacy policy. We do everything we can to protect your privacy. This often applies to withdrawals. We ask for some extra identification when you want to make a withdrawal in order to protect your assets. You see, our encryption works magnificently on our side but you might have less security on your side. So we ask you to send us proof of your identity when you want to withdraw your winnings.

The important thing is that the correct person - you, and only you - should receive your money!

Customer Service

We said earlier that Intertops has been around for a very long time in online gaming years - since 1996. In the early years many online casinos closed their customer service office for the weekend or on important holidays. Our customer service office at Intertops never closes! We are open to help you get the best answer to any question and to help you in any way we can. You can contact us through email, toll free telephone, skype, or chat.

Are You Ready?

If you have gotten this far, you must be ready to join the Intertops Casino community. Register now and kick start your Welcome Package of bonuses!